Chinitsu Game (Full Flush Game)

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Chinitsu Game (Full Flush Game)

Post by Ozball » Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:16 am

So this is a game I learnt last night after the Oui qualifiers from the director of the Mahjong parlour. I'm not sure if he had just made it up, or if he'd just found it online recently. (My Japanese ability wasn't enough to fully understand that part) Also it's not strictly a Mahjong rule variation more of another game that can be played with the tiles. But it does benefit standard Mahjong players.

清一色ゲーム - Chinitsu Game

Players: 2

Equipment: All the tiles from two suits. (Not honours)

Setup: Each player takes all the tiles of one suit and shuffles them face down in front of them. They then draw 15 tiles at random from this pool and build a Chinitsu ready hand with them, discarding the two unused tiles face down off to one side. After both players have built their hands they swap the remaining pool of tiles for their opponent's ones.

Play: Players Janken(Rock, Paper, Scissors) to decide who goes first. They look at the tiles they received from their opponent and try to figure out what their waits are. The player to lose the Janken discards first, and they then proceed to discard in turn till someone discards one of their opponent's waits. At which point the opponent Rons and wins.

There are a couple extra rules that can be use if desired:

Cancel (aka Mulligan): Once per game, during the hand building stage, a player is allowed to return all 15 tiles to their pond, shuffle and draw 15 new tiles.

Time Limits: Time limits can be placed on thinking time for discards or hand building of desired. It is likely that the first discard will have the longest thinking time, so maybe a limit on this stage is most likely.

Coin Toss: You can always replace the Janken with a coin toss or something similar. It was a Janken when I watched mostly because the Japanese decide everything by Janken. (probably even a civil war world be decided this way of one broke out today :P)
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Re: Chinitsu Game (Full Flush Game)

Post by Ignatius » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:00 am

Weird... But looks funny.
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Re: Chinitsu Game (Full Flush Game)

Post by Gnom » Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:33 am

I couldn't tell you how common this rule is, but one thing is for sure: the parlour's owner didn't make it up on the spot since I learned about it one year ago (although there was just a slight formal difference: instead of using two suits we would use man-zus from two sets with different backs... Fancy version for auto table owners :D ). There might be some minor differences I forgot since I only played one hand or two, didn't writer the rules down and didn't play since, but it was pretty close...

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