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Singapore Style

Post by ironmanmj » Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:12 am

Just thought i\'d post my local rules for interest. It was the first ruleset i learnt to play. Not very well rounded ruleset in my opinion but still way more playable than wsom. good for gambling actually. Most singaporeans and malaysians would know this method or some variation of it. multiple payout scenarios i hope i don\'t miss anything....

148 tile set. No red 5s.
Same as 144 + 4 animal tiles.
Cat, Mouse, Rooster, Centipede.

Mostly played to a limit of 5x HP. additional HP payouts are house rules. eg.. 6xhp = 5hp (limit) + $X.

most adults (yes teens play too it\'s in our culture) would play with a $1-$2 either divide or no divide rule. meaning final win loss amount is halved. Why not just use $.50 - $1 u might ask? well... it\'s so that the chips moving around can be in whole numbers. I\'ll describe it in the $ value i play so that i don\'t have to be to mathematical about it but u can see the relation and how to scale it after awhile. it\'s quite simple.

Self draw = everyone pays discard price
1hp = $1 (person who discards losing tile pays 2x or $2)
2hp = $2 ($4)
3hp = $4 ($8)
4hp = $8 ($16)
5hp = $16 ($32) LIMIT HAND


Corresponding flower tile to your position = 1hp
Any animal tile = 1hp

Flower pairs eg if u are pos 2 player and u have both no.2 flowers = $2 collected from all. If in your opening dealt hand prior to any draws = $4 (instant payout no win needed)

Animal pairs same as above but paired as cat/mouse and rooster/centipede

KAN = $2 from all either u have 3 tiles n someone discards or u PON 3 and draw the 4th, self concealed KAN = $4

all hands have no stealing penalty

No riichi, No furiten. But same round discard/win applies i.e if u tempai 1 or 4 and someone throw a 1 but u missed it u have to wait 1 round on the 1 and 4.

Mentsumo = house rule. Some ppl play some don\'t
haidei (there is no houdei cause the last tile is not discarded)
shusangen (not counting the value of the dragons)

honitsu, toitoi

pinfu = 4hp (rule is u cannot have an animal or flower tile)
um... smelly pinfu (haha the literal translation = 1hp (this is when u have an animal or flower tile) so as u can see, drawing a flower or animal on a pinfu would discount your hand.

chinitsu = 4hp

chitoi = house rule (most don\'t play gosh i have no idea how many points cause we never play)

Limit hands
daisangen = limit (played differently. Considered an INSTANT WIN IF u have PON all 3 dragons no need to complete the hand O_o yeah i think it\'s stupid too)
daisuushi, sousuushi
tienhou chihou. Sukan, Sankan (not required to be on single tile wait esentially a concealed toi toi win)

Discards need not be organised. It all goes into a pile in the middle.

I think i pretty much covered most of it. Very simple game. Not many hands to remember. A lot of rapid fire payouts due to KANS, Flower/Animal pairs. Having luck swings the game alot due to flower and animal draws. Will add more stuff if i remember them.

*edit Oh.. missed the \"wrap / cover\" rule. If any opponent has stolen 3x of the same suit so he has 9 tiles showing, if you discard into a chinitsu (not for honitsu) winning hand for him u pay for everyone assuming split payment. If he doesn\'t win but he/she chi/pons ur discard and now is on 1 tile tempai u will pay for all if he tsumos. The same rule applies if u upgrade an opponent to limit. Eg, he has 4HP showing thru say dragons/wind and flowers/animals. if u discard a dragon or wind which upgrades him to 5hp (limit) u will pay for all if he wins on that discard or u will pay if he doesnt win but tsumos later. On daisangen u will pay if u complete his daisangen when he has 2 dragons exposing.

my critique: no value playing across suits. No shanshouku/ipeiiko/itsuu hands played means that card reading and hand building tends to be very suit centric.
strategy limited play pinfu hope you don\'t draw flower or animal. or play smelly pinfu hope for a quick win and maybe a boost from flowes or animals. or play the strength of your cards honitsu chinitsu.

too much play revolving around flowers and animals which raises the luck attribute rather than a build/ card read flow read attribute. Hell i know of players who totally revolve their game around the drawing of flowers and animals.

personally after learning riichi i rather play riichi however when in rome...................


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