Konno's Kolumn No.4

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Konno's Kolumn No.4

Post by gemma » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:12 pm

Here\'s hand B that Konno posed as your homework. Happy reaching!

2-crak 3-crak 4-crak 5-crak 5-crak 4-dot 5-dot 6-dot 9-dot 9-dot 5-bam 6-bam 7-bam

Dora: 6-crak
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Re: Konno's Kolumn No.5

Post by Trotskey » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:01 am

I'd discard the 5-crak, on a 1,4, or 6 since it puts us in a pinfu tenpai.
Granted, one of those waits is dora, so it may make it hard to win on
that tile, but if we draw one dora, it won't mess up our hand.
However, I'd still tsumo this hand on a 9-dot or a 5-crak.

I would probably only go for endless if a dangerous middle tile forced
those 9-dots out.

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Re: Konno's Kolumn No.5

Post by Shirluban » Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:40 am

This is from Konno’s Kolumn #4, and not #5 as Gem wrote.
And the question here is not "what would you discard" but "what would make B into its “final shape”", in the goal of declaring riichi.

The final shape would be a sanshoku 456 + pinfu (+dora) I think:
2-crak 3-crak 4-crak 5-crak 6-crak 4-dot 5-dot 6-dot 9-dot 9-dot 4-bam 5-bam 6-bam
1-crak 2-crak 3-crak 4-crak 5-crak 4-dot 5-dot 6-dot 9-dot 9-dot 4-bam 5-bam 6-bam
or any other minor variation...

I think Trotskey said all other things to say about this hand.
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Re: Konno's Kolumn No.4

Post by Iapetus » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:33 am

With a tenpai this weak, if 357p or 468s is drawn, I would discard the second 5m. Any of those 6 doubles the path to a ryanmen pinfu tenpai. In any case, once you have ryanmen, you riichi. No need to wait for sanshoku.

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