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Post by Ozball » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:00 am

Who's been following the M-League? I'll admit I came to it quite late, so I only caught the tail end of the regular season and now the finals series. Our very own Garthe has written a couple articles for RiichiReporter on the finals series:


https://riichireporter.com/taro-crushes ... -the-chin/

Currently the only way to watch it live is through AbemaTV which is mostly region locked to Japan (*cough*VPN will get you there though*cough*), although the M-League twitter account (https://twitter.com/m_league_) has been streaming the first match and a bit for free on Periscope and YouTube lately for the finals series.

Also AbemaTV might be coming to other countries too following this announcement: https://www.cyberagent.co.jp/en/news/detail/id=22821

Lastly, which teams do people support? (The correct answer is Mahjong Fight Club :P )
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