shūgi, parenchan, w/no dobon: wow!

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shūgi, parenchan, w/no dobon: wow!

Post by or2az » Mon May 25, 2015 8:32 am

As mentioned previously, the Kiwame app, in addition to standard play, has ten "rooms" where you can experience a different combination of various optional rules and winning conditions. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=53059&start=15#p57578
I was playing in one of them which involved shūgi (tips) and no bankruptcy rule. To win, I had to have 10 more shūgi than the host over the course of 4 hanchans. I have never found this to be easy. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=53285&p=57475&hilit=shuugi#p57460
The honba count was increasing and I scored a parenchan (double yakuman of 96,000 pts) which bankrupted 2 players, but this time, the match continued with negative scores. I also got 10 shūgi. I managed to win the next hand and unbelievably, another scored parenchan. I think this was due to another one of those optional rules. I ended the 2nd hanchan with 270,000 pts and 22 shūgi (wow!) and went on to win the final 2 hanchans. This was a fun match. Probably never happen again.
Could use some translation help in the last picture. Thanks
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Re: shūgi, parenchan, w/no dobon: wow!

Post by Ignatius » Mon May 25, 2015 9:22 am

The rules for Paa Renchan says that not only the 8 renchan scores as yakuman, but any of your next renchan following that, will score a Yakuman too, except if you loose a hand of course, and the streak is broken.

If you know Saki, there´s a character called Shibuya Takami, I think, from Shiraitodai (Miyanaga Teru´s team) who has an interesting abillity. Her first discard of each hand can be "sown" to create powerful hands later (mostly yakuman). She´s the harvester. And is supposed that when she harvests for the first time a Yakuman (what she aims for usually), her subsequent winning hands are yakuman too. This is unconfirmed, as her own teammates says... It´s like she a human potential Paa Renchan or something.

What you´ve got is awesome.

Edit: Translation:

リーチ麻雀 Riichi Mahjong
善知鳥-UTOH- Zenjidori-UTOH- (looks just like a name)

Left side:

間瀬久美子 Hazamase/Chikase/Hazase (this surname has 3 ways to read it) Kumiko 戦(battle)

判定 (award/veredict/judgement) A

Right side:

平均ポイント (average points) 82 P

平均順位 (average position) 1.2 place.

平均祝儀枚数 (average quantity of Shûgi bonus chips) 5.0 chips.
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