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Ranking system

Post by Gnom » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:48 am

I'm gonna start a mahjong club in France next spring. I'd like to organize an internal competition that would run for a whole season, and I'm thinking about a ranking system that would make sense.

So as a starter I consider the point system as a payment system, so I don't want to offer bonus for one-time performances such as monster hands -- although they are perfectly recognized, but helping those who win less often with bigger hands is not the philosophy I'd like to see in this club, everyone has their own style but only points matter.

As far as I know the JPML just adds the points of every game, since every player is supposed to play the same number of games, but the players here are not pros so it can't be mandatory to be there every time and they won't play the same number of game, thus it seems to me that using a mean would be more meaningful. However, this comes with some bias (playing only one game with a big score or stop playing when the mean reaches a reasonable amount), so I thought about a malus system.

There would be a malus factor that would start at 0.1 after the first game is played and is increased of 0.1 every time a game is played.
Every time a certain number of games has been played without the player taking part, 0.1 would be lost. The minimum would be 0.1 and the maximum would be 1, so the score is somewhere between a tenth of the mean for new players or players who don't regularly attend club meetings and would be equal to the mean for players who are there every time.

The number of games that need to be played before 0.1 is lost on the factor is 1/8th of the amount of club members, which means one would loose 0.1 every game out of two in which they didn't take part.

This system brings down irregular players pretty fast but would also allow them to come back pretty fast (pros not showing up can't make up for lost points except by being even better, but we're talking about amateurs here). But maybe that would involve too many ups and downs? Maybe it would be better to use a more steady system (for example by decreasing the step in which malus ratio is gained/lost)?

That's how far I've gone in this thinking, so if any one has any experience in this kind of stuff (be it from mahjong or other games) and can offer feedback I'd appreciate that a lot :)

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