[2013.09.24] Player Quality

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Re: [2013.09.24] Player Quality

Post by Iapetus » Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:24 pm

Moah wrote:Maybe we should give a minimum EMA rating for big tournaments like MERS 5, with qualifier tournaments?
How do other disciplines/areas deal with it?
In theory, the quota system should lead to only the best players being present at the championship. Where's the flaw then? Where did the bad players come from? Any of these?

• Some players bypassed the quota system by being from a guest-like country (Czech, USA)
• The most skilled players at a country didn't participate so less skilled players took the quota spots
• MERS tournaments where most participants are weak players from a single country, which leads to high ranks and more quota for weaker players (Netherlands)
• EMA ranks staying high for a long time for players who have not improved alongside everyone else
• Skilled players existing, but not participating in any EMA because of money/other difficulties (divide between student players and well-paid players)
• EMA players not playing online to improve their skills
• Skilled players not existing on the continent at all
• EMA players feeling pessimistic about learning to score in Japanese instantly after winning, and such abilities
• Prejudice against anime and manga, or certain types of anime and manga ("cute girls scoring mahjong hands")
• Too few tournaments to gauge player skill with any accuracy (40 tournament hanchan vs 1600 online hanchan)

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