November 21st podcast and 10 dan tournament

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November 21st podcast and 10 dan tournament

Post by Ozball » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:41 pm

So I listened to the podcast this morning (I swear it wasn't up last night, but the date of the news post is the 21st O.o) and figured I'd throw my thoughts out on the matter. It feels a bit as if the JPML is out to get Horiyuchi in general. Garthe mentioned back when he was doing the MCing for a tournament a couple years back that the courageous commentators were ripping into his play the whole time.

It really sounds like an overly harsh decision, and something should have been either: A. Said at the time of the incident. Or B. At the end of play for the day. NOT when people showed up the following day. I'd be curious to hear Horiyuchi's thoughts on the matter. If you can read Japanese the JPML report on the competition is here: ... 10693.html There is a mention of the incident towards the end of it I think. (my Japanese reading isn't great)

Also on the topic of the masks: They really do make it hard to hear calls and scoring, though the player I played against in Oui pulled down her mask when she scored, which helped a little bit.

Anyways what are people's thoughts etc?
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