Android 四ツ風学園麻雀部

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Android 四ツ風学園麻雀部

Postby Ignatius » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:08 am

四ツ風学園麻雀部/Four Winds Academy Mahjong Club is a new mahjong game I found in Google Play.

Looks like it's a story driven game. Also, it looks really cute.

It's a 2 people riichi mahjong game. Not usually my thing, but look really fun.

It has something that amazed me, cute characters with cute voices. Quite uncommon for cellphone mahjong games I'd say.

You can play the game while offline, but as the game tries to load ads while offline, when you win a match (and probably when someone wins a round too), it gets stuck quite often. Better to play while having the phone online.

If the loading or any other scene while playing freezes, try to end the app and restart it. Find a Wi-fi to connect and start the game a few times, sometimes helps and you'll be able to continue from where you stopped.

In my cellphone the game is a bit buggy. I think it's just because the game is new, but even so I don't like the fact that some devs release to the market games too buggy. In the near future might be a good game to play.
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