We need a new campaign to liven things up around here. I vote for 2 Double Runs. It needs a makeover. First of all, it needs a better name. For a hand that’s already rarer than some limit hands, what could be less inspiring than that crappy name? We could go with the Japanese name I suppose but that’s only interesting because the words don’t mean anything to us anyway. But on to the real problem: it’s too damn cheap! In case anyone’s forgotten, 2 Double Runs is just like one Double Run except twice! Each double can be different suits of course, and also different numbers. Like its little brother little old Double Run, it must be concealed. It’s called Ryanpeiko in Japanese and despite its near impossibility, it’s worth a paltry 3 hand points.

Part of the problem I think is that the hand points were decided a long time ago before anyone ever did any combinatorial analysis to actually determine which hands are more likely to occur than others and then assign point values accordingly. There was a similar problem in poker in the olden days when a flush was ranked higher than a full house. Even new players seem naturally inclined to think flushes are stronger and it wasn’t until fairly recently that the hand rankings were fixed to reflect their probability.

The reason I think about it now is because of a hand I had in a tournament last weekend. It was the last hand of the game and I needed a barnburner to win, at least 24,000 points. Well, it started coming and before I knew it I had arrived at this crossroads:


Counting up the hand points: Reach, Simples, Peace, Self Draw,  Lucky Dragon and 2 red five Lucky Dragons and then my dilemma, 2 Double Runs or 3 Colored Runs? Then the obvious hit me, I was forgetting my one Double Run and it plus 3 Colored Runs is worth the same 3 hand points that 2 Double Runs would be. And yet obviously, 2 Double Runs is a much more difficult hand as 3 of my outs are already being used in my hand. Obviously I went for 3 colored runs drew my 4 of bamboos, and then what should come later but the  and never a  . What a disappointment.

Still, I think I played correctly there. The reward for 2 Double Runs is just not equal to the risk involved of not making it there.

So there it is kids. Poor old 2 Double Runs, not getting the respect it deserves. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. Talk it up amongst your friends. Go down to your local 2 Double Runs dealership and show them some support. Write a letter to Obama. Do SOMEthing! Think Double, act local.

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