Achievements from 2012 and Plans for 2013 in KML

Last year I had the privelage of meeting James Yu of the Korean Mahjong League. Here he writes about KML’s achievements in 2012 and prospects for the New Year.

Happy new year! KML proceeded toward to the good of Korean Mahjong culture, and successfully has achieved several deeds in 2012.

For the first time we established Official League in Korea. With writing and field test, 10 league players are selected to compete for the winner. 28 league match have been held for 7 month, and finally we got the first winner, Mr. James Yu(Boss of KML).

In May, we tried to gather international mahjong lovers to held online championship. Japan, China, Russia responded positively to participate, and KML also introduced 6 players for the competition. Solo winner was Mr. Lee Jun-Hee from Korea, as also from Korea where country winner came. In 2013 KML will send messages to several other countries, to become more international festival for all mahjong hobbist.

In December, one Korean participant surprised the whole Japan mahjong society by proceeding the final for the Japan Mahjong Championship(Mahjong Sai-Kyo-Sen). As Amatuer Wild Card, Mr. Park Jun-Sik experienced Japan’s professional plays, and we watched the online live with excitement.

Several other works was completed in 2012, including Korean Club Championship, support for the clubs with stat-system and education, etc. Korean mahjong culture is still in development, and we are constantly gathering more population here.

We KML hope to have more positive year in 2013, especially with the plan for offline international championship. With care and help, KML will be here for you all. Thank you.

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