ACEN Mahjong Taikai 3 results

Here are the results from the Mahjong Taikai 3-tournament held in ACEN on the 28th of april, which was organized by Chicago Anime Mahjong Players and sponsored by!

A total of 16 people attended the tournament which used a shootout-style format where two people advance from each table until there’s 4 players left for the final table. Everyone started with 25000 points each table and played a east/south session.


The winner was Antonio “Tony” Hernandez who dominated the final table with the runner up Brian Mikolajczyk who lost the first place only by a difference of 4600 points. Third place was Ben Lewis and the 4th was Thomas Horton.

Here are the results of the final table:


1st Tony 52000
2nd Brian 47400
3rd Ben 2700
4th Thomas -2100


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