Open Danish Riichi Results

Tina Christensen has kindly written a report for on the Danish Riichi Championship. Read on to find out how the event went!

The Open Danish Riichi Championship took place in Aarhus on June 19-20. 8
sessions of 90 minutes were played. If a full game of two winds is
finished playing stops before the session ends; otherwise after 75 minutes
a time signal indicates that the after the current hand only one more hand
is played.

This weekend’s tournament was unfortunately not able to attract foreign
players. Maybe because of the timing, maybe it was too close to first
official UK riichi championships which takes place the coming weekend? Or
maybe players find it easier to travel to Copenhagen than Aarhus? Anyway,
the event was an intense and exciting all-Danish competition with 16
participants, including the defending Danish champion, Morten Andersen and
the current European champion, Thomas Kragh.

Henrik Leth who won the title in 2004 placed in the top for most of the
competition. Before the last session the standings were: Robert Jensen
leading with 78.600 pts, 2nd Claes Schütt with 65.000 pts, 3rd Henrik Leth
with 61.800 pts and Tina Christensen 4th with 40.300. By chance the
players in 2nd, 3rd and 4th position met at the last table in a rather
exciting game that Henrik Leth won much thanks to three cases of
riichi-tsumo-ippatsu in a row. After taking 49.300 in that last session
(including an uma of 9000) he was hoping to take first position, but
Robert Jensen beat him to the winning spot by a mere 800 points. Robert
was the only player who had a positive score in all 8 sessions.

The best session result was by Torben Dalum whose last table result of
76100 (including an uma of 9000) brought him from 14th to 4th position.

There is a general consensus among Danish players that the uma of
9000/3000 is too small to be of much consequence, and in our national
riichi league where otherwise EMA riichi rules apply, an uma of
30.000/10.000 is used, more in accordance, as I understand it, with
Japanese umas for similar rules.

All in all it was a very nice and well-organized event and I look forward
to next year where the Danish championship will again take place in
Aarhus. The dates are not decided, but it will be in the summer period.

See MahjongNews for the full results.

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