2012 UK Open Riichi Mahjong Tournament coming up!

On the 30th of June the 2012 UK Open Riichi Mahjong Tournament will be kicking off in Guildford with 52 players from 7 different nationalities!

From the registered players we can see that the French have really taken a liking to reach mahjong with one fifth of the players coming over the canal. Over half of the players have the home field advantage, they are of course the British.


The St John’s Centre located in Guildford will act as the stage for the tournament.

The tournament will have 5 sessions total played in one day and will be using the revised version of the EMA Riichi Competition Rules.

It’s a shame that the tournament registration is already closed, but not to worry! Reachmahjong.com is going to cover this event and deliver you a live twitter reporting from the lovely Gemma Collinge! More details to follow.

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